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You are in business because you want to change the world for the better. Let us help you reach your goals by leveraging the full potential of the data in your business.

A summary of our skills

What we do

Data architecture design & implementation

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  • Batch and streaming data from source to consumer

  • Prevent lock-in by using open-source software

  • Tailored to your unique digital landscape

Insights & modelling

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  • Guidance in formulating questions and hypotheses

  • Reports & dashboards that tell a story

  • ML models that support your operational decisions

Bespoke development

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  • User-friendly web applications

  • Future proof technologies

  • The best stack selected based on your needs

Our 3 stages of collaboration

Our approach

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Understand your objective

Data challenges are notorious for their ambiguity and misunderstandings can easily occur. That is why we kick-off every collaboration with a data Wolkshop. You share your objective and we sketch different approaches with their advantages and drawbacks. The result: a common understanding of your objectives, their complexity and the variety of approaches to meet them.

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Design a solution together

We need to work together to design a suitable solution architecture. You and your key stakeholders provide the business context. We provide knowledge and experience on relevant frameworks and technologies. Together we design a solution architecture tailored to your unique requirements.

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Build it. Test it. Ship it.

Time to code. We aim to quickly release a simple version of your desired product. From there we add the features that add most value to you, which we evaluate every sprint. We develop a product from start to finish, or support you by joining your development team. Training and support are part of any product implementation.

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